Drug drivers in the Okanagan


Okanagan RCMP are not only dealing with impaired drivers on the road, but an increasing number who are under the influence of drugs. 

How do they deal with the problem? 

They are called Drug Recognition Experts or DRE's for short.

They help arrest drivers that show signs of impairment but who were not under the influence of alcohol. 

Penticton RCMP Constable James Grandy says blood and urine samples are currently the best way to determine if someone is under the influence.

"Hopefully we will have more Drug Recognition Officers, more technology that will come our way to ascertain whether people have drugs in their system."          
Those drug recognition experts in Penticton were working overtime in late January when 4 arrests over an 8 day period.   

"It definitely shocked our detachment. Those four cases we had in January, it certainly seems like their is an increase(in people driving under the  influence of drugs).   

The Drug Evaluation and Classification Program was founded in Los Angeles in the 1970's and was introduced in British Columbia in October 1995.