Earth to Table Vegan Market Event

Earth to Table Vegan Market

Earth to Table Vegan Market is presenting its first outdoor market today at the House of Rose Winery.

The Event will incorporate live music, wine and plant-based vendors offering healthy, cruelty free and sustainable goods.

Co-Founder Cassandra McFarland is encouraging everyone, vegan and non-vegan, to stop by.

“The main point of it is to provide that education and a really encouraging welcoming environment so that people can come by learn about the different products that are available and connect directly with vendors so that they can create a relationship and a more thorough understanding of the vendors’ products.”

35 local vendors will be supplying vegan-friendly  food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, wine and personal care products.

McFarland said it's a great opportunity to come out and try new things without obligation to spend your money.

“A lot of our vendors have samples right at their booth to try them so if you don’t like it, no harm no foul, you don’t have to go buy it but its just a really great opportunity to go and see what’s out there.”

There's no admission fee but they are accepting donations for Critteraid, a local animal rescue.