"Exceptional" level of bear activity


There is a perfect storm of factors leading to local bear activity.

That from Meg Bjordal with WildsafeBC for the Central Okanagan, who says drought and wildfires may be affecting bear's natural food sources.

"This year, we've observed fall bear activity starting earlier than we would normally, and it's occurring at a much higher level of activity in the community."

Bjordal adds it's important to manage possible attractants, and to report bear sighting to the Conservation Office to help prevent conflicts with bears.

"If you have trees loaded with apples or plums, make sure you are cleaning up anything on the ground and picking the fruit as soon as it ripens."  "Don't leave it out there for bears or other wildlife," she explains.

"If you do see a bear, especially if you know that its accessed an attractant please report that," says Bjordal.  "These reports are important, we use the information to try and deliver education to residents where it's needed most."

You can get more information online at WildsafeBC.