GoFundMe for Princeton Arena roof


A GoFundMe page has been set up for improvements to the roof of the Princeton Arena.

The community lost out to Sydney, Nova Scotia in it's bid to be named Kraft Hockeyville, which came with prize money of 250 thousand dollars.

Organizer Sean McHaffie is confident they can raise the cash in a different way.  

We had a lot of support. We were the only Western Canadian community that made it to the final four. It is something (roof replacement) that we do need We have a lot of support of a community that has been hit hard over the last couple of months."   

If you want to donate - click this link - 'Let's get the Princeton Arena a new roof.'  

All is not lost for Princeton.

As a runner-up in Kraft Hockeyville, they do receive 25 grand for renovations for the arena.