Graystoke Provincial Park fires

forest fire

There is some news on the fires in the Graystoke Provincial Park near Big White.  

There were three fires - one of them, the Hilda Creek Fire is out.

The other two are still out of control.  The Long Loch fire at six hectares, and the Derickson Lake fire at 1300 hectares.

Fire Information officer Shaelee Stearns says the fires are not currently threatening any structures, and are sharing suppression equipment and personnel.

"We have 22 personnel, on helicopter and two pieces of heavy equipment on them," Stearns says.

The fires are not currently threatening any structures.

Stearns says with dry temperatures, fuels are drying out and that means fires are easily ingnited.  It's important for people to be vigilant and cautious.

And if you see a wildfire report it - you can do that by calling *5555 on your cell phone.