Hazy (smoke) days of summer


You can see it.

You can smell it.

You can almost taste it.

Heavy, thick, gray smoke is blanketing the Okanagan Valley due to wildfires burning in Washington and Oregon State.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley says its bad.

"We have thousands of people who have lost their homes. I could have never envisioned this".  

Elizabeth Smith lost her home. She describes it as looking like a bomb went off.

"Our homes are absolutely destroyed. I have seen a few videos and photos. The home that we remodeled 12 years ago in this lovely canyon is absolutely flattened."  

The good news - at least of us - is the skies will clear by Tuesday.

An air quality alert remains in place for the entire Okanagan.    

Kelowna's air quality is rated at 11, which is very high.