Hells Angels To Keep Clubhouse After 8 Year Fight

Hells Angels (CFRA)

Hells Angels are keeping their clubhouses in Kelowna, Nanaimo, and Vancouver after a long battle with the BC Civil Forfeiture Office. 

Court heard the office wanted to seize the three clubhouses on the basis they will be used for future crime. 

Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies concluded earlier this week that there was no evidence to prove that unlawful activity has taken place at the clubhouses since 2005 despite members being involved in criminal acts. 

And although he says it is possible that members and associates of Hells Angels continue to use the clubhouses, it does not present the likelihood that they will be used for unlawful activity in the future.

The Kelowna Clubhouse at 837 Ellis Street has been targeted for civil forfeiture since 2012.