Highlights of October 30 Kelowna City Council meeting

Kelowna city hall 2

Glenmore Landfill Value for Money  

Council received, for information, the report from Financial Services dated October 30, 2023, on the results of the Glenmore Landfill Value for Money engagement. The engagement identified several areas for recommended improvement to process and measures to improve the capital reserve strategy. 

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Critical Community Infrastructure Fund Grant 

City staff updated Council on the receipt of a grant to rehabilitate two City owned dams on Turtle Lake and provide additional funding to the Rutland Centre Sewer Connection Project. The City received $3 million of Community Critical Infrastructure funds for the Turtle Lake Dams renewal projects. Staff recommended unused funds be used to support the Rutland Centre Sewer Connection Project.  

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Terms of Reference for the Agricultural Advisory Committee adopted 

Council adopted the terms of reference for the Agricultural Advisory committee (AAC). The AAC advises Council on issues important to the agricultural and agri-business community, as well as land use and economic development matters directly related to agriculture. Applications to apply for committee membership will open in November 2023. 

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Community Taskforce on Performing Arts 

Mayor Tom Dyas announced the membership of the new Community Taskforce on Performing Arts and appointed: Shane Styles, Robert fine, Ryan Donn, Laura Doncom, Lesley Cormack, Lisanne Ballantyne, Nikki Csek, Councillor Webber, and Mayor Dyas. Membership was approved by Council and the first official meeting is now scheduled to be held on January 24, 2024. 

To watch a playback of the Council meeting and view all presentations, visit “Past Meetings” at kelowna.ca/council