Highlights of the Regional Board Meeting


Updated Emergency Preparedness Bylaw

The Regional Board has adopted amendments updating the Preparation for Emergencies Bylaw. The changes modernize the original bylaw which dates back to 1991 and includes a description of the service as it is today reflecting the participating areas and local governments and provides additional cost recovery methods. Each participating local government has agreed to the updated bylaw and it has also received approval from the Provincial Inspector of Municipalities.

Environmental Advisory Commission

The Regional Board has approved four appointments to its Environmental Advisory Commission. Joining the commission are Catherine Nesmith and Gisele Rehe who will serve three year terms through January 2022. The Board has also reappointed Tanis Gieselman and Rhianna Moghadas effective in March for a three year term ending in March 2022. The independent Commission volunteers represent a diverse background of environmental professions, practice and experience and provides expert advice to the Regional Board on environmental issues relating to land use and development applications.

Landfill Development Moratorium

The Regional Board reported on the result of an in camera meeting December 9th. At that time it adopted a motion that approved placing a moratorium on any commercial development applications for the Westside Regional Landfill site off Asquith Road until the closure plan is completed for the former landfill in approximately 25 years.

Flood Planning Funding Sought

The Regional Board has approved submitting a grant application for up to $150,000 to the Union of BC Municipalities Community Emergency Preparedness Fund, which administers Provincial Government funding. If approved, the grant would be used to complete the third phase of the Regional Floodplain Management Plan which would create mitigation options and strategies, building on work done since 2016 to identify and reduce flood risks across the Central Okanagan.

Central Okanagan Regional Hospital Board

Directors of the Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District (CORHD) Board unanimously acclaimed Directors Gail Given as Chair and Gord Milsom as Vice Chair during the annual Statutory Inaugural meeting. The Board also received the audit plan from BDO Canada LLP. The CORHD funds a 40% share of hospital and health facility construction and the purchase of major equipment.