Highlights of the Regional Board Meeting – November 16, 2023


City of West Kelowna Regional Context Statement

The Regional Board accepted a Regional Context Statement in the City of West Kelowna’s 2020-2040 Official Community Plan to reflect the Regional District of Central Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1336. The Regional Context Statement demonstrates how the Official Community Plan supports and aligns with the Regional Growth Strategy.

Agricultural Land Commission Referral Application – 2900 Schram Road

The Regional Board did not support an application for the subdivision of a property at 2900 Schram Road. The Board cited RDCO policies which aim to minimize urban encroachments into rural areas and protect the supply of agricultural land and promote agricultural viability in the decision.


Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 871-232 Adoption

Following approval from the Ministry of Transportation on November 1, the Regional Board adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 871-232. Amendments to the bylaw include changes to improve the zoning bylaw’s clarity and alignment with RDCO policy and current legislation.


McDougall Creek Wildfire Resiliency Centre Summary

The Regional Board received a summary of the activities and accomplishments of the McDougall Creek Wildfire Resiliency Centre, which closes on November 17. In partnership with Westbank First Nation and surrounding municipalities, staff supported over 400 households, completed 84 unmet needs assessments and made 700 referrals to connect with other support agencies. 

Growing Communities Fund allocation 

The Regional Board approved the allocation of the Growing Communities Fund. The Growing Communities Fund is a one-time provincial grant program for local governments. A detailed outline of the funding allocation can be found in Appendix A - Growing Communities Fund Projects and Allocation Recommendations.

Community Works Fund Allocation Policy report 

The Regional Board approved the Community Works Funds Allocation Policy to provide direction on the allocation of funds received in 2023 and in subsequent years.

Regional Board meetings 
Regional District office – 1450 KLO Road, Kelowna (Woodhaven Boardroom) 

•    Thursday, November 30 – 8:30 a.m.

A live stream video link will be available for each meeting in the Upcoming Meeting agenda section of rdco.com/agenda. When available, a link to the Video recording will be posted in the Past Meetings section for the individual meeting date.  

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