Housing Kelowna's Vulnerable

kelowna homless

As Kelowna's vulnerable population grows and temperature continues to drop, the John Howard Society and respective partners are working to put roofs over the heads of Kelowna's vulnerable.

Executive Director, Dawn Himer wouldn't give details, but she said the plan is to address individuals who are already finding themselves in the cold.

“Currently we're seeing 40 to 50 people on the streets already and we're looking at how we support that. Last year we were able to support 24 people so we're going to have to look at probably a couple locations.”

Cornerstone and the Gospel Mission are pretty much full at all times and they are constantly challenged by tight staffing.

So, Himer said they are discussing what the plan will look like, how they'll support it and who needs to be involved.

“We're already strategically having those conversations. We had our first one about a week ago and again this week and we're meeting again next week to try to have that plan in place, so that we can respond instead of being reactive.”

She stressed how critical it is to take care of individuals who have fallen on hard times.

Adding, there has been an increase in vulnerable people who will take advantage of the shelters this winter.