How hot is it?

A rising thermometer under a hot sun.

In the last three days 133 heat records in British Columbia have been smashed - thanks to a heat dome.  Lytton has now recorded the hottest moment in Canadian history - 46.6 degrees.

That crushes an 84 year record.

Senior climatologist for Enviroment Canada Dave Phillips says climate changes doesn't create heat waves - it just makes them worse.

"For four days in a row you're going to break records (in Kelowna) - the all time record is 41 degrees," says Phillips.  "That's not even going to hold a candle to what you are going to see today and tomorrow."

And the world has taken notice of this heat dome.  Phillips has been getting calls from the BBC, Germany and the US.

"The dog days of summer tend to be the end of July early August - that's when we typically see the warmest temperatures - not when we are in June," Phillips explains.   

He adds "June Gloom" usually dominates the weather story at this time of year in British Columbia.