Hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots requested for provincial election


If you are voting by mail-in ballot, be aware they are being sent without candidate names on them.

"Candidate nominations close this Friday, at 1pm Pacific Time," says Elections BC, Director of Communications Andrew Watson.  "We will process any candidate nominations we receive up to the deadline and then publish the final list of candidates as soon as possible. It will be available on our website. If you requested your mail in vote by mail package before candidate nominations close, you will receive a write in ballot."

Watson says you should not write in the party leader's name, unless they are running in your riding, as that will result in your ballot being rejected.

"It might be a bit different than what voters are used to," says Watson. "It's a blank space for the voter to write in the name of the candidate or party of their choice."

Once all candidates are confirmed, names will be on Elections BC's website

So far more than 450-thousand voters have requested mail-in ballots.

In the last provincial election only about 65-thousand people voted by mail.

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