Interior Health adds 4 cases to Kelowna Cluster


There  are 4 additional COVID-19 cases in IH since our last report yesterday (360 total in IH since the start of the pandemic).

Previously, the Kelowna cluster investigation counts were based on cases linked to businesses or gatherings in Kelowna, primarily downtown. Currently we are seeing more broad community transmission so we are expanding our reporting to focus on any cases that are linked to Kelowna during their exposure or infectious period . This has caused the number of cases to increase but this is due to previously reported cases being re-classified and notnew cases reported in Kelowna.  

Based on this, there are 130 cases linked to Kelowna since June 26 under this new classification. (More detailed explanation included below.)

We are not reporting any additional staff cases at Kelowna General Hospital today..

UPDATE Re: Kelowna Cluster reporting:

Until now, Interior Health has defined the number of cases associated with what we called the “Kelowna cluster,” to cases connected directly to specific events and businesses downtown in early July and over the Canada Day holiday.

We now know the situation has shifted into more broad community transmission beyond these initial cases in downtown Kelowna.

For this reason, today IH’s MHOs will begin reporting the number of cases occurring across Kelowna, in addition to the cases they could confirm were associated with the early July events.

This new reporting will more accurately reflect what is happening in the city and region.

This will mean an increase in the cluster number – but I want to be clear this is not an increase in the total number of cases. These are previously reported Interior Health cases being categorized differently.