Interior Health Drug Alert for Kelowna: high concentrations of fentanyl and benzodiazepines found

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Interior Health has issued a drug alert for Kelowna as high amounts of fentanyl and benzodiazepines have been discovered in the street drug known as DOWN.

The health authourity says the drug is sold in Black Chunks and can contain up to 65 per cent Fentanyl and 25 per cent Bromazolam.

Officials warn the drug contains a very high risk of overdose, High risk of fatal overdose. Amnesia, sleepiness, nodding out for a long time. They also say an person who has overdosed on the drug may not respond to naloxone and smoking the drug is not safer than injecting.

Interior Health says the alert is in effect until June 1, 2023. 

it is reccomended to consider these additional tips:

  •  if you are going to use drugs, find drug checking locations at
  • Be aware that benzodiazepine induced sedation is not reversible by naloxone
  • Be aware of risks if mixing with other drugs, including alcohol
  • Use with others around or at an Overdose Prevention Site if available in your community (OPS)
  • Start with a small amount and space out your doses
  • Carry naloxone and know how to use it
  • Get the LifeGuard App -
  • Call 211 or visit to find services near you