Interior Health issues drug warning over fake Dilaudid tablets: 20 times stronger than normal

ih drug dilaudid (wings)

A drug advisory for Interior Health (IH) has been issued as of today, November 14, 2023 for fake Dilaudid tablets containing Isotonitazene.

The health authority says the drug looks like 8mg Dilaudid tablets or Hydromorphone tablets and is sold as Dilaudid, Hydromorphone and Dillies. The tablets are said to contain 5 per cent Isotonitazene and pose a very high risk for overdose.

IH says getting tablets directly from a pharmacist or having the drug checked is the only way to know a tablet is genuine. It's also believed by IH Isotonitazene is equally or more dangerous than Fentanyl. As a result, the fake tablets could be 20 times stronger than real Dilaudid or Hydromorphone tablets.

The drug advisory by IH will  be in effect until November 21, 2023.