Is it a problem in the Okanagan?


It's a story in Alberta, but what about the Okanagan?

American tourists crossing the border, claiming they are headed to Alaska, only to be found vacationing and violating the public health rules for COVID-19.

Police in Banff have issued 7 - 1200 dollar tickets recently.

Kelowna RCMP Corporal Jocelyn Noseworthy has a story while out doing errands over the weekend.

"There was a plate in the parking lot of the business I was at. Someone had brought it up that it was from the states. This gentleman that was behind me in line said, "That is my plate". His vehicle is in the shop and that is his rental vehicle that he was given. He is local and from the area that happens to have an American plate from a rental company."    

So yes, our police are keeping watch and yes they will investigate vehicles with American plates.