It's a first for Kelowna


Kelowna city council green lit a 4-storey industrial development on Monday, October 19th  that will offer 10 residential units.

It's a first for Kelowna and now it may become the norm as Mayor Colin Basran wants to see if the concept would work in other areas of town.

The units are intended for employees.

Some councillors were concerned about complaints, others saw it as an opportunity to attract and keep employees.

Councillor Brad Sieben pointed out the apartments are in a highly desired area of town.

The lot sits on an industrial portion of Ethel St. near Knox Mountain Park.


It's a first for Kelowna.

City council will discuss an application on Monday that proposes a 4-storey industrial building with ten residential units.

A report to council says efforts were made to ensure both uses would co-exist harmoniously with minimal potential for conflict.

For instance, the safe passage of all forms of transportation was considered to ensure workers, residents, clients and visitors can access the building safely by foot, on bike, or by vehicle.

The lot is on an industrial portion of Ethel St. in the City’s north end.