"It wasn't just simply protesting"


The owner of a Kelowna turkey farm is upset after local activists protested outside Patton Farms last weekend. 

The group rallied on Sunday in an effort to highlight the dangers they believe are associated with the operation.

Carol Patton spoke to AM 1150 News about it.

"It wasn't just simply protesting. It was on a campaign to shut us down. That's personal. You try to speak and find a place of common ground and what can we agree on. We both agree on treating the environment well."

Patton says while she believes in free speech and the right to protest, targeting her farm was misguided. 

"Our mantra would be - 'eat local'. Whether its meat, wine, cheese or produce, supporting local small business or farmers, that would be any campaign that we would want to be associated would be along those lines", Patton added.