Jurassic Fest Kelowna Not a Scam


Jurassic Fest Kelowna scheduled for February isn't a scam like social media rumours suggest. 

Organizer David Huni says the rumours have been spread by competitors. "We've done shows in Edmonton... but it was called a scam. It was a successful event, it sold out in Edmonton from the 24th of September to the 26th of September. From there we went to Calgary and we did the same. If anybody who wants to comment on social media, it's because they want to distract so they make a comment that it's a scam."

Huni says they are still trying to secure an indoor venue. "At this stage we are still discussing with various opportunities for venues where we are most likely to get a deal to bring the dinosaurs."

The tentative date for the event is February 4th to 6th, 2022.