Kelowna area buses filled to capacity at peak times

BC transit

Buses around Kelowna in peak periods are so full that drivers are having to leave frustrated passengers on platforms.

Transit Union President Scott Lovell says, "With the removal of the double-decker buses from our system coupled with our continued growth and the lack of expansion to our system, it's created a kind of flashpoint. I'm by-passing people on the street. We start out at our terminus, in this case, Okanagan College and UBCO, we fill to capacity and then I can't pick up anyone along the way. This happens regularly."

Lovell says they need up to four more busses on the roads, at peak times, to solve the problem.

He says the issue of capacity at the bus yard is fixable. Some have said we can't expand our fleet because we have nowhere to park extra buses.

Lovell disagrees. If necessary he says, employees can give up their personal parking spots to accomodate buses until a new transit garage can be built.