Kelowna Council Approves 6-Storey Development in South Pandosy

446 West Avenue

A controversial 6-storey apartment project was given the green light at Kelowna's public hearing on Tuesday.

South Pandosy residents expressed concerns over the buildings height and close proximity to the east neighbouring property.

Councillors were overall impressed with the buildings form, commending the Mission Group's efforts to minimize impact to West Avenue.

The building's design places the 6-storey bulk of the building on the East end away from the neighbouring apartment building, while the west half will have a large rooftop patio on the second floor.

Councillor Luke stack had his reservations about whether or not the project followed the Official Community Plan, but decided the tall slender shape of the building would integrate into the area better than a shorter, bulkier model.

“I think the applicant, by moving the tall part of the building, six storeys, to the East side, has actually created a very very nice spacing between the buildings and the patio area I think will be very well used by the people living in the building. But mostly I think it benefits neighbours who are looking through the property because it makes it feel like much more area and more attractive,” said Stack.

Mayor Colin Basran agreed, stating the project is a benefit to the neighbourhood and the community.

“I think that what this brings to this area is much needed rental housing to our community. It creates a more vibrant urban center when we have more people living in it. It means less sprawl, again, by encouraging growth in our Urban Centers and by reducing sprawl it has a positive impact on the environment,” said Basran.

He added that increased density also justifies further investment in transit and active transportation corridors.

The project will offer 48 purpose-built rentals and five commercial units along West Avenue.