Kelowna Group Going to Australia to Help Rescue Wildlife


You've seen the devastation in Australia. You've seen the heart-breaking videos of koalas, kangaroos and wallabies burned by wildfires.

That has a group of volunteers from Kelowna on their way to the country to help rescue wildlife.

"We have specialized training in tree removal of animals," says Brad Pattison is with Pattison Animal Rescue.  "We feel that we have an ability to bring more to the big picture of rescuing animals that are high up in trees that cannot get down because they've been burnt and they're frozen in pain.  We want to take our team down there and do what we can as Canadians and do our part."

Pattison is leading the team of volunteers. They should be on their way next week. He expects they will be in the country for up to four weeks.

"There's a need to go," says Pattison.  "The devastating photos and videos that we've seen from Australia definitely hit home, in the heart.  We're all very compassionate people so we have to go."

If you would like to help the team with their efforts, Pattison explains how you can do that.

"If people could go to the Brad Pattison Pet Wellness Facebook page to donate that would be fantastic," he says.  "They can also go to Help Brad Pattison's Rescue Team Help Australia on GoFundMe.  If anyone wants to compete with other companies to raise money, or if schools want to get involved, by all means go for it.  We will represent Canada with those funds."

Estimates are that a billion animals have died in the Australia wildfires.