Kelowna Karate kick and chop their way to the top at National Championship

National team photo 2023 (wings)

It was a record breaking medal haul for the Kelowna Karate & Fitness dojo at the Karate Nationals with 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 12 Bronze (23 medals total.)

15 athletes represented the community proudly demonstrating incredible heart and technique to become the most elite in Canada.

As this was the first attempt at the national stage for most of the team, It shows what is to come for the next big event in the Spring in Montreal.

Provincial coach Paul Atkin says, "It was such a wonderful experience to be ringside to see all their training come together in the perfect moment. When their technique looks so natural and so many of our athletes placing it showed our BC team peaked at the right moment. Couldn't be more proud of our team."

The team has one more Nationals to go before the World Karate Championships in Gunma, Japan this October 2024. 

Karate National Championships Results:

Sofia Runzer: Gold Kumite, Bronze Kata (Female 12/13 years old)

Geordie Adlem: Gold Kumite (Male adults)

Cayden Adlem: Silver Kata, Silver Kumite, Silver Team Kata (Male 12 years old)

Max Guilderson: Silver Kata, Silver Team Kata (Male 11 years old)

Kaela Linsdell: Silver Kata, Bronze Kumite, Bronze Team Kata (Female 14-15 years old)

Mervin Guilderson: Silver Team Kata, Bronze Kata (Male 10 years old)

Alexander Rugina: Silver Kata (Male 16-18 years old)

Oliver Renz: Silver Kumite (Male 11 years old)

Tyrel Heredia: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite, Bronze Team Kata (Male 15 years old)

Yuma Nakamura: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite, Bronze Team Kata (Male 14 years old)

Liam Friesen: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite (Male adult 19-21 years old)

Bodo Papke: Bronze kumite (Male adults)