Kelowna RCMP warn public about latest telephone scam

scam alert


The Kelowna RCMP are investigating a report of a telephone scam involving the impersonation of police. 

The fraudster is phoning members of the public at home while spoofing the Kelowna RCMP Detachment phone number. 

This just one week after a similar phone scam was impersonating West Kelowna RCMP posing as the Canadian Revenue Agency.

The fraudster, involved in this scam, identifies themselves as a police officer working for the detachment and informs the victims that their personal information has been used in criminal activity. 

The fraudster asks the victim to confirm personal information with him over the phone as it will aid in advancing a money laundering investigation. 

RCMP are confirming that a police officer did not make this telephone call and that this is not how the RCMP investigates these types of crimes.

“This scam has resulted in victims providing social insurance numbers and banking information to the fraudster over the phone,” says Cpl. Meghan Foster of the Kelowna RCMP.  “Currently, we have not received reports of identity theft that are directly related to this latest scam, and we want to prevent people from having to make those reports.”

Identity theft can occur over the Internet or telephone, or via fax or regular mail. 

Therefore, police are encouraging people to be particularly wary of unsolicited e-mails, telephone calls or mail attempting to extract personal or financial information from you.  

They suggest you periodically check your credit reports, bank and credit card statements and report any irregularities promptly to the relevant financial institution and to the credit bureaus.