Kelowna resident shaken after shooting in Williams Lake


A little too close for comfort on the weekend for a Kelowna resident attending the Williams Lake Stampede.

Reagan Krivsky spoke to AM 1150 News about being in the vicinity when two people were shot on Sunday.

"We are sitting in our truck. My friend from Edmonton and I are in the truck waiting to go in. We are two cars away from the entrance way. We hear this, pop, pop, pop. My girlfriend says, get down! We climb under the dash in the truck. It (shooting) was literally 12 feet away from us."

The targeted shooting happened on the final day of the stampede.

"The shooting happened just outside the front gate. Someone said a kid came into the grandstands and said there was a guy with a gun! All of a sudden panic breaks out. The MC of the event was quite professional and told everyone to stay calm," Krivsky added.  

The suspect was arrested and has been charged with attempted murder.