Kelowna's Kyle Beach speaks out


Kelowna's Kyle Beach has come forward as "John Doe", the former Chicago Blackhawks player who filed a lawsuit against the team for mishandling his sexual assault allegations.

In an emotional interview with TSN, the 31 year-old revealed himself, saying it was tough to tell his family what happened.

"It was shortly after it happened, in the summer. My mom cried for days. She felt responsible. She thought she had to protect me and their was nothing she could do." 
Beach's mother is a teacher in School District 23. His father works for the City of Kelowna.

Beach told TSN he suppressed the memory to chase his dream of playing in the NHL.

"I buried this for 11 years and it has destroyed me from the inside out. I want everyone to know in the sports world and in the world that you are not alone", Beach added. 

Beach, who was born in North Vancouver but grew up in Kelowna, was 19 at the time of the incident and had just completed his WHL season with the Spokane Chiefs when he was called up for the playoffs by the Blackhawks.