Kelowna's Salvation Army Thrift Store to Reopen Wednesday

Salvation Army

The Kelowna Salvation Army will be opening their donation welcome centre and their thrift store next week. 

Lead Pastor Darryl Burry said, "100% of the funding, the funds that we raise, support our operations here in Kelowna and Lake Country. So, in these days where we've had the store closed for the past couple of months has definitely made things a whole lot financially tighter, and so we are looking to open the stores again so that we can hopefully regain some of that income. However, there's also many families and individuals who need a little extra support, maybe can't afford some of the items that they would normally buy at a regular store, and so the thrift store provides us the opportunity to provide those items at either a discounted cost or free."

Burry says the donation centre will reopen Monday and the thrift store Wednesday with the hours 10 AM to 4 PM.