Kelowna signs 10 year lease with BC Housing

ellis housing

The City of Kelowna and BC Housing are making moves to keep people out of the cold this winter.

Council signed a 10-year non-market land lease on Monday May 25th, for a project with 38 units on Ellis St. near Recreation Avenue.

“This is one more step forward in the city's work toward accomplishing the Journey Home Strategy and a very important step. The urgency of getting these units on board for this fall is the key and I just think this will be a great addition to the portfolio of housing that's been built over the last few years to try and get people off the streets and into housing,” said Councillor Luke Stack.

Councillor Mohini Singh believes the community has grown to realize the necessity of these facilities.

“This is an absolute must. We're dealing with a problem together and this is one huge leap towards looking for a solution and I've only spoken to a couple of people in the area and it has been more of a conversation, which has been positive. So, I think we as a community are altogether realizing it's something we have to do,” said Singh.

Neighbourhood engagement will be undertaken throughout the summer months and a Community Advisory Committee will be available through BC housing to address any issues and concerns.

The Canadian Mental Health Association will operate the building and offer on-site medical examination and housing supports.

Councillor Brad Sieben said the facility has a good chance at success.

“I also think that it's important to point out that this particular model has a single entrance that's different than every single door. So, I think BC housing is also realizing that there are different operating models that work better than others and this is, sort of, best in class.”

The facility is anticipated to open in the fall.