Kelowna Strikes for Climate Action

Climate Strike Sept20

What looked close to 100 protesters took to the streets of Kelowna today in support of the biggest Global Climate Strike yet.

People of all ages gathered at Kelowna City Hall to march for action.

They are marching to promote the lives of future generations and are demanding climate action from world leaders.

Kelowna resident Mark Hailey believes we can't rely on political parties because they benefit from climate change.

“So there has to be some kind of a people's movement to go beyond the political parties, to unite the labour unions, the people's movements, the environmentalist, even the vegans, we'll take them too. As long as they look at where the pollution is coming from and where the inhumane practices are coming from,” said Hailey.

Other protesters are advocating for a plant-based lifestyle to reduce pollution and greenhouse gasses.

One mother sat on the grass with her two young girls, holding a sign encouraging people to ‘Go Vegan’ and ‘save our future’.

“The amount of livestock production that contributes to greenhouse gasses and pollutes our environment is atrocious and if we stop that we'll have a better, healthier, happier planet,” she said.

Event Organizers said the climate crisis is an emergency and strikes will continue until our world’s leaders recognize the changing environment.

“We want to show that we're going to keep doing this until policies change.”

On September 26th, the students, staff and faculty of the University of BC Okanagan will join the Global Climate Strike by walking out of classrooms, offices, laboratories and showing solidarity with millions around the world.

Protestors will gather in front of City Hall once again on Friday September 27th.