Keremeos Creek Wildfire update

keremeos agust 10

This fire was reported at 6712 hectares in size as of 1pm yesterday (Wednesday) . This size is the result of a more accurate track on the northern portion of the fire by ground crews.

The BC Wildfire Service wants to remind the public to slow down on roadways impacted by wildfire. Crews may be seen working on the sides of roads or driving in the area. These active worksites are hazardous for our workers so we are asking for the public’s help by slowing down and being vigilant of the activities along the roads.

Conditions remained favourable overnight, and crews continued patrols, hotspotting and mop-up in the interface, Highway 3A and along key sections of the guard. Burning debris continues to fall overnight and be promptly actioned where safe to do so.

With cooler temperatures, higher humidity and light and spotty precipitation, fire behaviour should be much more subdued today and remain so until drying conditions return possibly after the weekend. Today will be cloudy with spotty showers or thunderstorms beginning by afternoon. Dry lightning could move through the region today. The max temperature is forecast at 26 C with a minimum RH of 30%. Winds are expected to be light generally however there may be strong gusts of wind and downdrafts triggered by the anticipated thunderstorms.

Established control lines are holding well. The fire continues to grow slowly where it is not contained in the more inaccessible areas of the fire. Crews continue to apply direct attack and indirect fire attack operations to achieve containment of the Keremeos Creek wildfire. They are working to encircle the fire along the western and northern flanks given the stable containment lines on the southern and eastern sides of the fire. Planned ignitions did not proceed yesterday because of the effects of precipitation of cooler conditions on the target areas.

Key work areas today remain Olalla FSR, Green Mountain Road to the north, Hedges Butte, Keremeos Creek FSR, Winter Creek, the Apex Mountain Resort area, Cedar Creek, and Dividend Mountain.

A key objective today continues to be reducing impacts to the public in a timely fashion. This requires completing mop-up operations in the wildland - urban interface to facilitate the safe return of residents to their homes. No structures have been impacted over the last 24 hours.

Drone-operated thermal scanning was carried out overnight to assist crews in eliminating hotspots along the Highway 3A corridor. These activities are helping facilitate the return of evacuees and the reopening of this travel corridor. We are working with MOTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) to mitigate fire impacts and risks prior to re-opening roads.

The BCWS Structure Protection Branch continues to protect properties in all areas of concern at fire’s edge.
Night operations continue with both wildland and structural crews patrolling and mopping up as needed.

The Structure Protection Branch consists of 145 personnel, 15 fire engines, 14 water tenders and a mechanic. The Structure Branch continues to work in the Sheep Creek, Green Mountain and Apex areas but is reassigning resources as needed.

The Olalla Creek Forest Service Road is closed.