Langley couple rescued from James Lake trail


Saturday afternoon, July 11th, Central Okanagan Search and Rescue was tasked out by the Kelowna RCMP to assist in the search for a couple from Langley that had driven up to the area around James Lake to explore. 

They exited their vehicle and decided to take a short walk down a trail.  On the way back to the truck they took the wrong path back. 

They realized they made a mistake and could not find the right trail so they called 911 for help.  

The RCMP then contacted COSAR and we responded with 15 members with ATV’s and a UTV.  The RCMP helicopter was also dispatched. 

The couple were able to make phone calls so COSAR was able to ping their location to within 16 meters and communicated that to the RCMP helicopter. 

The couple did that right thing by staying in place making it easier to search crews to locate them.

The helicopter located the couple, picked them up and flew them to the Search and Rescue staging area where they were dropped off. 

COSAR then took the couple back to their truck and escorted them back to Hwy 33 in which they returned to where they are staying.