Liberal Health Critic heartbroken over protests at hospitals

Renee Merrifield

Liberal Health Critic Renee Merrifield was heartbroken when she saw the protesters outside Kelowna General Hospital and other hospitals around the province - Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops and more.

She was especially heartbroken for the healthcare workers inside those buildings, working daily to save lives.

"I was heartbroken for those who were trying to get treatment. They show up and they're sick, they're vulnerable. But I'm also heartbroken by what I'm hearing from those who were protesting, their fear, their anger. I think we've got some real divisions in our community, in our society right now, and I think we need to be paying attention."

Merrifield is one of our local politicians who are appalled, not about the protesters and their right to demonstrate, but about where and how they chose to vent.

" When Premier Horgan comes out and starts talking about police enforcement and using very military like language, I think that creates more fear, confusion and anger, and only further serves to really divide us."

Merrifield says the protesters could've achieved the same exposure by blocking the street around her constituency office on Ethel Street. They didn't have to be at Kelowna General Hospital.