Live Emergency Exercise at YLW


Kelowna’s International Airport is conducting a live emergency tomorrow morning, so don't be alarmed when you see a significant presense of emergency response vehicles at the east end of the airfield.

Airport Director Sam Samaddar said 20 agencies are participating and the demonstration will simulate smoke and flames.

“We'll have about 70 passengers plus 4 crew involved in this particular scenario. It's taking on a crash at the airport and the various agencies have an opportunity to test their emergency response protocols,” said Samaddar.

He said the exercise identifies gaps in service and how to improve them.

“The [exercise is] very, very important when we look at safety as one of our key objectives. We will have about 20 agencies involved from the BC ambulance service, to the RCMP, NAV Canada, and the Regional ELC, the coroner's office as well as Transport Canada and also the General hospital.”

According to Samaddar, the key benefit to the exercise is the communication that occurs between agencies.