Looking back at tourism challenges in 2021


It was a challenging year for tourism across Canada and Kelowna was no exception.

“Our local tourism industry persevered through another very challenging year in 2021,” said Kelly Watt, Vice-Chair of Tourism Kelowna’s Board of Directors. “In many cases, 2021 had many of the same obstacles as 2020, plus additional considerations from severe weather conditions. Despite that, tourism businesses continued to contribute to our local economy, provide good jobs, and raise the quality of life for residents.”

Tourism Kelowna introduced new air service marketing campaigns to support direct flights from Montreal and launched a marketing campaign in the Lower Mainland to drive awareness and bookings of air travel when major highway routes were closed.

“It makes me very proud to report on the activities the association did on behalf of its members, industry stakeholders, and local tourism community, and I’m amazed by the resilience of local tourism businesses who had to dig in even deeper last year. Though the length of time we were up against the ropes was longer than anyone had imagined, we are now looking forward to recovery with more certainty", Watt added.