Majority of Partnered Canadians Celebrating Valentine's Day


The majority of Canadians plan to celebrate Valentine's Day with their special someone. 

A recent Ipsos poll found 6 in 10 Canadians with a partner will celebrate on or around the day, and Vice President Sanyam Sethi says it varies by age. "Younger people are more likely to celebrate and see Valentine's Day as an occassion to celebrate love. While older people feel that celebration of love should be distributed all year round."

Sethi says most people are staying in, with a little over half of respondents saying they'll be making dinner at home. "Another thing that would have otherwise been a popular celebration choice had we not been living through a pandemic is romantic getaways or weekend trips, but that's pretty much out of the question with everything that's happening around us. Very, very few - only 4% - plan to travel with their partner."

If the weekend getaway isn't an option, what gifts are Canadians giving? 

"Sweets, flowers, fragrances are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts globally, but Canadians differ starkly in their preferences in perfumes as a gift of choice. Only 5% of Canadians adults would choose or gift a perfume to their partner, and that's 20% for a very, very popular gift globally."

And Sethi says 36% of partnered adults plan on making love for Valentine's Day. 

But many don't have plans to mark the day saying it's too expensive, there isn't time, or the day is simply too old fashioned.