MLA wants evacuees to register and let people know they are safe

before after Lytton

As the village of Lytton was being decimated by a fast moving fire - residents got out as quickly as they could.

Emergency officials are trying to locate everyone - they want to make sure they know where everyone is, and identify if people are missing.

MLA for Fraser-Nicola, Jackie Tegart says she's hearing a lot of concerns about whether or not everyone did get out safely.

"We're hoping that we can continue to register people and ensure the safety of families," Tegart says.  "The immediate concerns are making sure everyone is safe."

Today officials will be starting to talk about next steps - how to get people help as they look at the devastation.

And while they try to get some assurances and stability to people - they also deal with a fire that is still out of control.

Two people have died in the fire.