More hot, dry weather on the way


A dry weather pattern is upon us for the next week or so.

And that's worrying for those watching the weather and wildfires.

"Which is really concerning as far as wildfires go," says Doug Lundquist, Senior Meteorologist with Environment Canada. "I'd really like to see heavier rain. But the problem is, it's been so dry for so long any storm we get, a lot of the moisture tends to evaporate before it even hits the ground." 

Lundquist says current conditions remind him very much of 2003. The year of the Okanagan Mountain Park wildfire.

"I do remember really, really dry years before," says Lundquist. "But that's what I think I'm looking at. I've seen the dry. Never this heat."

Lundquist says he's never seen anything like the recent heat wave the province sweltered through.