More Parking Opportunities for UBCO Staff, Students


Students and staff at UBC Okanagan will have the opportunity to purchase a parking stall at the airport each semester. 

Kelowna council passed a motion for the pilot project. 

Presenter Shayne Drydal said, "It would allow UBCO to provide their students and staff with additional parking options without having to incur the cost of additional infrastructure. At the same time it would provide YLW with the opportunity to earn additional revenues off of infrastructure which is not currently operating at capacity due to COVID-19."

It will cost $360 per stall, per semester. 

Councillor Loyal Wooldridge stated, "I want to commend our staff for coming forward with a really proactive solution for our partners at UBCO. Obviously with our reduced parking demand at YLW it makes sense and I just want to commend our staff for always looking for new opportunities."

Drydal says the program will run for one semester and be reassessed at that time.