Most British Columbians getting flu shot this year: Survey


A survey by Insights West finds most British Columbians say they will be getting a flu shot this year.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Say they plan to get a flu shot this year: 72%, up ten points from 2019.
  • Agree that the flu shot is more important than ever this year: 71%
  • Think the flu shot is important now to lessen the potential burden on healthcare resources: 79%
  • Feel it is important to do whatever they can to prevent illness during the pandemic: 79%
  • Are concerned about their health and the health of their family right now given the unpredictability of COVID-19 circulating at the same time as flu: 84%
  • Are more aware of the importance of protecting the most vulnerable from viruses/flu: 86%.
  • Believe that mask-wearing, proper hand-washing and social distancing should lead to fewer cases of flu as well, but they are not substitutes for the flu vaccine: 86%

The survey was done on behalf of London Drugs.

"The unique circumstances surrounding the approaching influenza season have many more people focused on protecting themselves, their families, and vulnerable members of the community from the double threat of the flu and COVID-19," says Chris Chiew, General Manager of Pharmacy at London Drugs. "The flu shot is safe, and it is the most effective tool we have in protecting against influenza, preventing the spread and, ultimately, it can save lives." 

The survey also found that almost nine in ten (86%) in the province say that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, they are now more aware of the importance of protecting the most vulnerable members of the community from viruses like the flu.