Motionball Marathon of Sport takes over City Park

Motionball Kelowna

A popular annual fundraiser in support of the Special Olympics will be taking over City Park today.

The motionball Marathon of Sport is creating awareness around intellectual disabilities and the benefits of team sports.

 “We'll have 30 teams of 10 people and every team gets two or three special Olympic athletes to join them as team mates. We kind of just do a super fun round robin all-sport tournament and it’s really about interacting with the special Olympic athletes and having a good time,” said Derek Fuhr, is the event's Director.

He said it’s a good way to show Kelowna the talents of local special Olympic athletes.

“It’s also an opportunity for people in our community to interact with our local special Olympic athletes. Like I said, those teammates get to spend the day with all of them and know what they're all about.”

He said the day unites the community and shows Kelowna local athletic talent.

“Once you spend this day with our athletes and join them on the field and you’re having fun and laughing with them and high-fiving them and getting interact with their eclectic personalities. It’s pretty life changing in terms of making you aware of who these athletes are and how incredible hey are as people,” said Fuhr.

The event runs from 8a.m. to 4p.m.

Donations can be made at