New Officer in Charge in Kelowna


Kelowna's new Officer in Charge has returned to her roots after 20 years serving across the province. 

Superintendent Kara Triance is excited to be working in her home community. 

"I've had the fortunate pleasure of working in small towns where you learn really quickly that every contact matters, and that can be translated to a large city experience as well."

Triance says she wants to be more transparent with the public and build confidence in the RCMP. 

"At any point that the public confidence in the RCMP is questioned we need to ensure we are looking at what we're doing and how we're doing it and what we can do better. Reviews of our policies, our procedures, our compliance with training standards, and with all of the work that we're doing is extremely important."

Triance is also the detachments first female officer in charge and couldn't be more proud. 

She hopes to use her role to encourage young female officers to strive for big things in their careers. 

Supt. Kara Triance