New public art unveiled at Interior Health


A new piece of public art has been added to the City’s collection. Flower has been installed in front of the Kelowna Community Health & Services Centre on Doyle Avenue. This piece was a collaboration between the City of Kelowna, Interior Health and funding partner Bentall Green Oak. 

“To wish someone good health, we often give them flowers,” said Brad Hindson, part of the team of artists behind the artwork. “But a flower is only a single part of a living plant system. The health of the flower is like the health of a human being: dependent on all its systems. This representation of a Mariposa Lily, an Indigenous flower of the Okanagan, is presented with its roots at the top of the sculpture, symbolizing a contemporary approach to healthcare, a celebration of the people who underpin our healthcare system.”  

Mayor Colin Basran says this piece is a great addition to the City’s public art collection. 

Flower is a piece for our time,” said Mayor Basran. “Animating our public spaces has never felt more important. Not only does it add vibrancy and character to the downtown, it serves as a symbol for both our healthcare workers and anyone accessing services at Interior Health during these challenging times.” 

Givonna DeBruin, Interior Health’s Corporate Director of Internal Audit and the Chair of the Interior Health Arts Committee, is looking forward to bringing this work to life. 

“Interior Health is pleased that the City of Kelowna and Bentall Green Oak jointly sponsored a piece of public art for the corner of Ellis Street and Doyle Avenue that will enrich the experience of city residents as well as visitors to Interior Health’s Kelowna Community Health Services Centre.  Interior Health’s Art Committee participated in the selection of the location of the piece and its theme as well as contributing to the selection of the final design.”