New UNICEF Canada campaign keeping the Halloween spirit alive for kids


"Walk Your Hood -- Do Some Good."

UNICEF is encouraging kids and their families to do something special this year.

"We've created a program that still has some of the same exciting elements of Halloween," says Rowena Pinto, Chief Program Officer for UNICEF Canada. "But it allows families to participate in a social distanced way and a safe way. We're asking them to turn what would have been their trick-or-treating steps into a walk-a-thon that they can do throughout the month of October, or on Halloween night, to raise money for children around the world."

This year's campaign is still important to the work UNICEF does in helping children.

"Water, nutrition, education and health, these are all things kids here in Canada, they've experienced what can happen when these things are disrupted for them," says Pinto. "I think this is a huge chance to build empathy with children around the world as well as to get them involved in changing things."

For kids who sign up to fundraiser by the end of today (Oct. 9) there is a bonus.

"You get this fun package in the mail," says Pinto. "It has a hero badge that you can wear around your neck. It's a new form of the traditional UNICEF Halloween box. So it's like a digital box with a QR code on the back that people can scan and donate to your fundraising goal."

For more information visit the UNICEF Canada website.