No BBQ’s allowed in Westbank First Nation or Regional District Parks


Effective immediately all barbeques, including portable propane fueled barbeques, are prohibited within Westbank First Nation (WFN)’s public parks and beaches. The ban on propane barbecues is in addition to the campfire ban which is in place for the entire province of B.C..

Due to the extremely dry conditions and high-to-extreme fire danger ratings currently being experienced, it is crucial everyone be as vigilant as possible when it comes to fire prevention within our communities. If you are barbequing at home, it is recommended to have a fire extinguisher nearby and no combustible materials within six feet. We also remind smokers to never throw cigarettes out car windows.

Do not work outdoors with tools and equipment that produce open flames or have no spark arresters. In areas where motorized recreationalists can ride, ensure your equipment has spark arresters.

WFN Law Enforcement officers regularly patrol WFN parks and beaches to monitor activity and ensure compliance is being observed.

If you see smoke, please call 9-1-1 to report it, or *5555 to report a wildfire.

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Effective immediately all barbeques are are also prohibited in RDCO regional and community parks.

Charcoal and briquette barbeques are never allowed in RDCO parks and in order to proactively prevent any fire from starting, until further notice, propane fueled barbeques are also prohibited.

Visitors are also reminded that smoking, vaping, fires or open flames are not allowed any time in regional parks or RDCO community parks.

If you see a fire in any park, immediately call 9-1-1 to report it. 

New signs advising of the barbeque prohibition are being installed within the RDCO park system. 

Violating the Regional Parks or RDCO Community Parks bylaws could result in a fine.  However, the greater danger is that violators could be responsible for starting a serious blaze that threatens our parks, amenities and nearby residents and homes.