No drone zone


Earlier this month a MedEvac flight was on approach to Kelowna International Airport when it encountered a drone.

Senior Operations Manager Phillip Elchitz says while the plane landed without incident - drones do pose a safety risk to aircraft.

"The pilot of the arriving aircraft was actually able to see the drone in the vicinity," explains Elchitz.  "That's why he knew it was there.  He (the pilot) passed that information on the control tower, who contacted the RCMP and they investigated the incident."

There is a no drone zone - it's a 5.6km radius from the centre of the airport.

"Flying drones within the vicinity of the airport is very serious - it can have an affect on aviation safety and it's a federal regulation - people should take it very seriously." says Elchitz.

Repeat offenders who don't hold special operating certificates can face significant fines and possible jail time for violating the no drone zone.