No joke - on April 1st - prices increase on many items


On Monday, April 1st - we'll begin paying more for a number of everyday needs as new taxes and price hikes kick in.

The biggest jump will be the cost of fuel. 

Kris Sims, at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, says April 1st is when BC's first carbon tax increase in 7 years takes place - up from $30 to $35 dollars per tonne of carbon dioxide emmissions.

"That means that we're adding about a cent-and-a-half per litre on to gasoline, and that of course will add up, and will make eveybody's fuel more expensive whether it's diesel or gasoline. And of course, if you're using natural gas to heat your home, or cook your food, the carbon tax is going up on that as well," says Sims. 

Also going up on Monday - the price of smokes, booze, and auto insurance. 

Sims says ICBC's basic insurance rates are set to rise - and its optional rates as well but "they still haven't released it. We have a Freedom of Information request in to find out what the optional rate is going up by, because we're worried that it's in the double digits. Folks could easily, depending on where they are in British Columbia, be spending hundreds of dollars more - per year - because of these increases."

And that's not all - BC Hydro rates will increase 3% - booze by 1.5% - and smokes by 80-cents, on a pack of 20 - that includes both the federal and provincial tax increases.