Ok College offering free webinar courses

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The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the importance of certain skills.

Corporate Training Specialist Zachary Webster said Okanagan College is responding with free courses that focus on those skills.

Webster said he is hearing from the industries that there is a need for individuals to upgrade business strategy, working remotely and social media skills.

“We’re responding with quick webinar courses. So, one hour webinar courses around working remotely remotely and social media skills, and pairing those with innovation and business strategy components.”

Webster said social media is without a doubt going to be a major player going forward and important for job security in certain markets.

He said the lockdown is an opportunity for businesses to innovate and exaggerates the need for online formats.

“We actually have a webinar coming up that talks about exactly that. Just how much buyers are going to be moving to an online format and they already are. Everyone’s already online mobile and other technological options and this lockdown exaggerates that need and that activity.”

They are not credited courses but they will equip you with tools to actively respond in the new workplace.

Those interested can go to  okanagan.bc.ca/pd 

Webster said “that’s where everything that we have offering is currently listen and that’s a living document so bookmark it, check back regularly and you will see it because we are updating it daily with more offering from us of around the region.”