Okanagan ATV'ers donate to COSAR

Good searching cheque

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue was the recipient of a $700 cheque from Okanagan couple.

74-year-old Raymond Imbeau and his partner Barbara Kitz spend about 100 days a year searching the southern BC backcountry for discarded bottles and cans.

Not only do they help clean up the forests, they donate their proceedings to worthy non-profit organizations. 

Raymond and Barbara have been donating their “earnings” for years. 

Recent recipients include Kelowna General Hospital’s cardiac unit - and the Salvation Army’s Disaster fund.

This year they collected 8,000 refundable liquor bottles, juice boxes, water bottles, and pop cans including a one-day haul of 1,250 cans from a spot in the south Okanagan.

The duo has explored all of southern BC from the Chilcotins in the west - to the Columbia Icefields in the east and south to the U.S. border.

This year they covered close to 2,500 kilometres.