Okanagan Clinical Trials Involved in Celiac Drug Study


A release from Okanagan Clinical Trials says as many as 300,000 Canadians living with Celiac disease - many undiagnosed. 

Principal Investigator Dr. Colleen Maytham says OCT has joined a study to test out a medication for the chronic illness. 

The study is being run by the company behind the drug 9 Meter Biopharma. 

"Their goal is to get about 525 participants or subjects into their study and they will be using 200 sites similar to Okanagan Clinical Trials throughout the USA and Canada."

Maytham says the study will have three arms, "One arm will get a smaller dose of the medication, the second arm will get a slightly higher does of the medication, and then the third arm will actually get a placebo."

Participants will be asked to keep a daily log while participating. 

Eligibility requires a Celiac diagnoses, 19 years of age or older, and continued symptoms despite six months or longer on a gluten free diet. 

Maytham says the study is already underway and OCT has about 10 participants so far. 

Find more information at OkanaganClinicalTrials.com.